Claim Your Calm


A Women’s Support and Mindfulness Skills Group to help manage the shifting Iandscape of our world in today’s pandemic crisis and beyond.

Claim Your Calm


A Women’s Support and Mindfulness Skills Group to help manage the shifting Iandscape of our world in today’s pandemic crisis and beyond.

I’m Dr. Kim Dwyer, Clinical Psychologist, and I’m excited to share the Claim Your Calm support and skills group with you!

My therapeutic practice is dedicated to helping people find deeper meaning, connection, and authenticity in life. At the root of my work is my belief that by managing and tolerating uncomfortable emotions, we can live intentionally, in accordance with our value systems. Utilizing the Eastern traditions of mindfulness and the Western traditions of cognitive-behavior therapy, my goal is to help people view times of stress and transition as the unprecedented opportunities for growth that they actually present.  Our current pandemic situation and need to re-arrange our world for the health and safety of all presents an experience rich for exploring uncomfortable emotion, finding grounding in the present moment, and clarifying our values so we can live with intention.

I received an MS and PhD degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and a B.A. in psychology from Fairfield University, with licensure as a psychologist in the state of Colorado since 2001.  I’m a professional member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  I’m passionate about supporting women during times of stress.  This group will be an opportunity to find support in a safe space with women in similar situations, while learning skills you can begin practicing immediately to help you care for yourself and find grounding in the present moment.

What is the Claim Your Calm Group?

Weekly Telehealth Group

For four weeks in May, 2020.  We’ll explore the group’s needs and learn skills together.

A Safe Place for You

Your privacy is very important; as such, we will only use healthcare grade applications for video conferencing.


Formal Mindfulness Meditations

We’ll practice formal meditations together so that you can strengthen your ability to stay in the present moment.



We’ll focus on ways to make these strategies practical and schedule them into your day so that you use them.


The group cost is set low at $180, or only $45 per hour session, to allow for accessibility. 


"Reset Button" MIndfulness

Because we can’t always sit in meditation, we’ll focus on practical applications of mindfulness while experiencing our lives.

Relationship Focused

Because we all crave social connection, you’ll have a chance to share with like-minded women.

All the Details

When does the group meet?

I’m working on determining days and times, with a plan to offer one group during the daytime and one in the early evening, in order to accommodate the most schedules.  Please contact me and we can discuss options.

What is the cost of the group?

The group is $180 per participant, which breaks down to $45 per session.  This fee has intentionally been set low to help support accessibility.

Is this psychotherapy?

While I am a clinical psychologist and this group may provide therapeutic benefits, it is designed primarily as a support and skills group.  I will not be able to provide you with a diagnostic assessment and, as such, you will not be able to submit costs to health insurance.  However, you may be able to use a flexible spending account to cover the cost.  Please check with your FSA for more details.

How will I access the group? What will I need to connect?

You will log into the group meeting using access links that I will supply you before the group.  You will need an internet enabled computer, phone, or other device with video and audio.  I strongly recommend that you find a spot with good WiFi connection prior to the group (if you’ve run video conferencing in the past, you likely have enough signal and bandwidth).  If you have insufficient connection for video, you’ll need to increase internet download speed and/or use an ethernet connection. 

Please make sure you have a private space in which you will not be interrupted for the group.  Some clients find making sure a partner or teen can be responsible for younger children is helpful.  Wearing noise cancelling headphones and running a white noise machine in the background can also ensure your privacy.

What if I have to miss one session?

 While I cannot refund for missed sessions, I will do my best to share with you the content that was covered and provide you with resources for practice.

I hope you can join us.  Take some time for yourself and find your calm in the storm.  May we all emerge from this crisis stronger, more balanced, and with greater clarity about our priorities.

Claim Your Calm

Space is limited, please contact me at your earliest convenience to sign up.

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